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Coco Motion is a 31 foot cigar-hulled, off-shore power boat. Your experienced captain and the powerful twin engines, navigate you swiftly along the island's Caribbean coast in comfort and safety.

Rachel first came to Tobago on holidays and fell in love, first with the island and later with Marlon. After gaining experience elsewhere in the Caribbean, she decided to settle here and joined Coco Motion in 2003. Yes, she is the one who makes that famous Carrot Cake. Will she give out the recipe? Well, you can always ask.

Marlon has been working in the Scuba industry for over 10 years and knows the waters around Tobago "like the back of his hand". One of his greatest loves (after Rachel, that is), is introducing newcomers to snorkeling and Scuba. By the way, he claims to know the recipe.

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